24hr Test and Tag - Electrical Appliance Testing & Tagging

About Us

All Test & Tag appliances can be found throughout the house -hold or business areas

What needs to be tested

I.e. extension leads
Portable rcd’s (residual current device)
Power boards
Power points
Mains testing &trip time
Power tools
Washing machines
Computer cords
Phone cords
Many more items
All testing are compliance with the AS/NZ3760:2011
Check with insurance companies about electrical appliance faults meeting insurance requirements.

All tests are done by a fully qualified test and tag licence holder, we are not allowed to cut cords but danger tags will be aplied ,recommend not using, also covered by insurance.

Great service and professional attitude given.

Be advised that the more appliances on one socket can cause for the machine to shut down or trip the mains causing overheating or other shops to shut down there operation.


Contact Information

Don't hesitate to get in touch:

Name: 24hr Test and Tag

Address: 3 Flindosy Street Algester QLD 4115

Phone: 0419 852 879


$3.00 less than 20 items


$1.70 more than 50 items


$1.50 more than 100 items


$1.30 more than 200 items


$1.20 more than 300 items


$3.00 for 3 phase testing


$3.00 microwave full test


$4.00 Mains trip test


$1.00 per power point test


Call out fees will be charged accordingly


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